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About LumberKote


LumberKote? What is it?

Watson Seal® LumberKote™ is the FIRST Non-Toxic, V.O.C. Free, Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Polymer Sealer specifically designed to PROTECT your structural Framing and Subfloor System from excessive moisture absorption and rapid moisture uptake that deteriorates and rots lumber and accelerates the growth and damage by wood destroying mold and fungus. The sealer forms a tough, durable micro-film once dry that protects your crawl space framing and subfloor in one step. LumberKote's™ micro-film resists mold and fungus (ASTM D3273) and is USDA and FDA compliant.


Why LumberKote? Why do I need it?

     LumberKote™ is the best solution to ensuring the perfect crawl space encapsulation or can be used alone and delivers an unmatched level of protection and peace-of-mind in re-active damage repair, pro-active damage prevention, stage or budgetary situations.  

     HUMIDITY will ALWAYS be the number one adversary for us here in South Carolina. How do you fight hot, damp air? To answer that question let's briefly look at why we have crawlspaces. Crawlspaces were designed to elevate the home off the ground and provide easy access to electrical and plumbing lines. Crawlspace Ventilation was added to allow air to flow under the house to dry out the dark space. 

     However, down here with our humid climate, and semi-tropical rain fall is where things tend to get a little tricky. Wet air evaporates but then re-condensates onto the organic material under the home that make up the structure ie. floor joists, sub floor system, girders...etc repeatedly, over and over again. It's the worst teleportation trick in the world, along with this analogy. None the less, Overtime, we begin to see signs of this "trick" in the form of efflorescence (a white residue left behind on the block when water evaporates leaving behind a calcium residue.) eventually mold spores begin to grow (at 60% humidity levels and above), deterioration of the crawlspace framing occurs, Various types of moisture damage as well as odors in the home are the results of a problem that's gone unnoticed and unfixed for a long time. 

     LumberKotes polymer sealer is an ACTIVE micro-film that fully protects your investment from mold, mildew and wood rot. Lumberkote is hands down the smartest product out there and will save you THOUSANDS.  LumberKote will be protecting the most vulnerable part of your home around the clock, non-stop and without fail. Providing you with the highest quality peace of mind at a reasonable and affordable price. 


How much is it and what about a Warranty?

 As you know Not all homes are the same and may need an advanced cleaning prior to applying lumberKote to the home. However, I can tell you this, I can save you THOUSANDS.  Don't believe me, let me prove it. Schedule your FREE inspection.

Warranty info:

 With our "Perfect Install Guarantee" comes an industry leading 30 Year, Fully Transferable Manufacturer's Warranty with up to $5,000 in water/moisture damaged lumber replacement.

LumberKote™ CS is FEMA Flood Grade Rated, staving off flood waters and protecting the lumber from rapid water uptake and biologicals for an unprecedented 30 days. In addition to our 30 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, Watson Seal issues a multiple-event Lifetime Flood Warranty.

Our sealer's history and independent certified testing allowed Watson Seal® a $1,000,000 Product Mold Rider direct from our Insurance Underwriter. In other words, the "risk" of mold and fungus to grow and feed on the lumber once Watson Seal® protected has been assessed and deemed insurable. 

LumberKote; Crawl Space framing and subfloor Sealer

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